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Hawthorns Now
Hawthorns in 1988
Old Postcard of Hawthorns


The Hawthorns Inn, Upper Welland, Malvern Wells. Worcestershire.

The Hawthorns Inn was closed by it's current owner in August 2006. A small group of concerned locals got together and called a public meeting. They gave themselves the name FRoTH.

Over 95 locals turned out to discuss the situation and hear from organisations such as the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). There was a unanimous feeling that the pub should be retained and that the owner should not be allowed to change the property to a private residence.

This large body of support has encouraged some to make offers for the pub as a going business. Alas, the owner has refused to sell so far. As a result the campaign goes on. The building is looking quite neglected at the moment. It is a great shame to see such a potentially valuable local resource go to waste due to the intransigence of the owner.



last updated: 10 October, 2009